- I'm going to say this right off.  I can't guarantee when this site will be updated.  I will honestly try to update every month, but with classes and everything, I may run behind a little. 


Update time again!  I am very excited to announce that the first chapter of Part 2 is up and ready to read.  In other exciting news, I am proud to host a fanfiction by Queen Breeza!  Check it out here.  I also fixed the link to Coffee with Bardock and Oritsu….I hope.  You can find a few new links, so go and check those out.  I've been thinking about starting a Webring Shrine to Turles.  If you have Turles-related fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, cosplay, etc. please email or IM me because I would like to get that going ASAP.  Also, if people could start petitioning fanfiction.net to actually add Turles to the DBZ character list that would awesome too (*mutters to self*: that damn cat P'uar gets on the friggin' list but not Turles...grumble grumble…..).

As promised in the previous update, I have gone ahead and slightly altered the layout.  Other than the background, which I missed terribly (the site just looked so plain I had to have at least a toned down version of it back), you probably won't be able to see much of a difference because much of the changes are only visible to me when I'm screwing around with the site in Microsoft Publisher, which is a good program to use for people who want to have ultimate freedom to create an original website but know jack about html and all that other fun technical stuff.  The bad side of using Publisher: it's really tedious to use and you don't have all of the options--i.e. frames--that you would have if you could write html.  But oh well, frames are over-rated and not everyone likes them anyway.  The most changed web-page of this site will be the fanart section.  It's been looking pretty crowded and I wanted to give things a little more space.

  Big Update Today!  The first section of Power Struggle is now completely finished!  It has been uploaded and is ready to read and I've also updated the timeline for that section.  I received a fabulous fanart from Mali!  Thank you so much!  You can find that in the Fanart section. There are new screenshots up in the Pictures page, and a special treat: Puzzles!  Yeah, I know, puzzles aren't that exciting, but they do take up a lot of time, you know when you're at the job and you're bored, nothing beats an online puzzle.  You look like you're busy, but you're really just screwing around!  You can find links to those in the Pics section; click the shape icon on the side to change the number and shape of the pieces.  Expect some major changes to the fanart section, maybe the site in general in the future.

  It doesn't feel like two months since I last updated, but I guess time does fly.  Anyway, I've finished and posted Chapter 10.  Expect possibly 1 or 2 more of the shorter-style chapters to finish off this section of the fic (yay!  I get to move on!).  In other news, I guess that new fanart from Megan wasn't the final product and about two days after I last updated the website, I found the finished (or so I have been led to believe….sneaky Megan ;P) pic on Megan's DeviantArt Webpage.  So I posted that as well.  It's fairly similar to the previous pic, and I love it for it's shading and dramatically-lettered-ness.   Also, I was joined this way cool Online DBZ RPG!  I've never done the RPG-thing before, and Megan has been trying to get me into it, and it sounded like a lot of fun so I'm psyched.  Many thank-you's to Gavin/Shin for the invitation and all of the help!   

  Wow, two updates in 1 week?  Why you ask?  Megan has just sent me some new fanart!  Not to mention the fact that this new piece is, for lack of a better word, freakin' huge at 521x1050 pixels!  Please be patient while it loads; it's well worth the wait to see!  On other news, I'm busy writing Chapter 10, which should be posted fairly soon given the fact that I have my new self-imposed guidelines for a shorter chapter length.   Also, for you fanfiction.net people, I have updated there as well.

  Yay!  More updates as promised, and a request for some story/website input!  Chapter 9 uploaded!  Shorter by request for your reading pleasure!  I also received some great new fanart!  That can be found in the Fanart section under the Guest Art link. Thanks Chris! Also added links to Megan's official website and her Elfwood gallery, as well as a link to an up-and-coming website featuring a Trigun fanfic cowritten by Megan, myself, and two of our friends.  Fixed a few broken links and updated the Timeline.  I'm sure that you've all realized that the Storyboard has not been working and it probably won't be for awhile until I figure out how to fix it.  Scratch that.  Why don't you tell me what you think of the idea and I'll decide whether or not I'll waste any more time trying to fix the damn thing.  Also, I would like your input on a later part of Power Struggle.  I've spent a little time scribbling out an OritsuxTurles lemon that would fit in pat with the rest of the story, but I'm torn between my responsibility to keep an "R" rating on my fics and my desire to do something a little racier.  Should I chop it down to an "R" rating for the official Power Struggle update and then include the full lemon version in a special section of the fanfic page?  Email me your thoughts and I'll go ahead and post the lemon ahead of schedule just for you!  Thank you everyone who has emailed me with feedback, questions, or just to say hi!  I love to hear from you!

  Okay, I've officially ended my war with the search engines!  Several months ago, Google decided to finally pick up my site!  Yay!  To tell you all the truth, I had about given up on this whole thing.  I had let my hotmail address go to pot, and so anyone who did try to email me, I apologize greatly.  I have reinstated my hotmail account, so if you want to contact me, you can do so, no problems!  I have also noticed some problems with my website.  First of all, I realized that somehow, Chapter 7 and Prelude-Oritsu never managed to make it up on the last update.  Sigh.  So, both of those are now fixed….I hope.  Also, in honor of DragonQueenGTX, who woke me from my slump with some much-desired feedback, I have also posted Chapter 8 for your reading enjoyment and have Chapter 9 well on its happy little way to completion! 

  I've managed to get some time to write and managed to finish and post Chapter 7 of Power Struggle.  Yippee!   

Yes, I know I know!  I finally updated!  It's finals week so I've been extremely busy.  The good news with that is after the tenth I'll be completely free (well, sort of) to do whatever I want!  Chapter  7 is well under way, and I hope to be moving onto the next section of Power Struggle by June or July (just a few more chapters, guys, hold on!).  I've also had been spending a lot of time putting the finishing touches on my fanfiction Prelude--Oritsu, which I posted today.  I need some feedback!  Must email me!  Oh, and thanks to all those who have supported me so far in my efforts.  You've been a great help!  Thank you Melissa, Malina, Justin, Megan, and everyone else!  More good news: Megan is either coloring or drawing a new pic of Oritsu.  I'm not quite sure which since I was sort of out of it when she told me.  Either way, I'm psyched!  Speaking of Megan, I posted links to her gallery on Media Miner in the fanart section.  Enjoy, and leave her some well-deserved feedback comments! I've also posted the first few chapters of Power Struggle and all of Oritsu on fanfiction.net, so feel free to go there to read if you don't care for my backgrounds (they help me get in the mood to write, what can I say?) or they take too long to load.  If you do, make sure to review! ::sigh:: With the tens of thousands of DBZ fics on that site it's very easy to be ignored.   (If my backgrounds are annoying just email me and I'll get rid of them.)

Posted Ch. 6 of Power Struggle.  Also added a timeline for Part 1 of that fanfiction.

Added disclaimer (I probably should have done that a while ago, oops!).

Fixed broken links, changed background slightly, added chapter 5 of Power Struggle, revamped fanfic page, and changed design of vertical navigation bar.  Megan's email was deactivated; however, she still wants to keep the same address and she plans to wait the 90 days or so it will take to regain that name.  So until then, email any comments, questions, etc. for Megan to my addy instead and I will forward them onto her other address.  I have started another fanfic, a prelude to Power Struggle.  It features Oritsu as the main character and takes place at the same time Power Struggle is starting.  Since it has no separate chapters, this fic probably won't be put up on the site until I have finished writing it.    For the most part I started writing it so I

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